The classic method Spumante made in Apulia

Two hearts and one winery. And five sparkling wines.

The name of our wineries comes from the marriage between Diomedes and Drionia, daughter of King Dauno.

Once the Greek hero arrived in Capitanata, he dedicated the name of the new city he founded, Castrum Drionis, to his wife. This city is now known as San Severo, the current location of our business.

Drionia and Diomede, Angelina and Francesco

The Re Dauno wineries have two hearts.

They originated from two personal stories realized in a shared life project, resulting in the production of five sparkling wines.

We are Angelina Radatti and Francesco Toma. Married for many years, since 2013, we have chosen to pursue our passion: the production of classic method ‘Spumante’.

Two of our sparkling wines are crafted by highlighting Bombino Bianco – one of the oldest, most cherished, and widespread grape varieties in our region. The third is made with Pinot Nero, the fourth with 60% Bombino Bianco and 40% Pinot Nero, and the fifth label from Nero di Troia grapes.

Cantine Re Dauno Brut, Brut Rosé, Pas Dosé, Rosé Nature, and Gold are our labels.

In a 1920s palace

In 2013, we stumbled upon the place that would breathe life, nurture, and turn our dream into sparkling reality — a 1920s palace in the historic center of our town: San Severo, a baroque city in the Tavoliere di Puglia, with an ancient tradition in winemaking.

The Re Dauno cellars are nestled in the cool and harmonious underground chambers of the palace, where the bottles that fill ‘les pupitres’ are protected by the charming arches with vaulted brick ceilings made of clay. An ideal space where the temperature remains constant between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Francesco Toma

Ilaria Toma

Angelina Radatti