Cantine Re Dauno: two hearts, one winery... and five Sparkling wines Legend has it that Diomedes, 'the Greek hero', landed in Italy, stopped in the land of the dauni, and founded 'Castrum Drionis', today's San Severo city, in honour of his bride Drionia, daughter of King Dauno... The San Severo countryside: the Tavoliere delle Puglie between
the Daunia mountains and the Gargano penisula
Strolling through fields stretching as far as the eye can see, looking up and seeing mountains on the horizon with peaks blunted by time and, at the same time, feeling a strong marine note in the air...
Discover the Re Dauno Wineries In the cellars of a historic building dating from 1927, at a stable temperature between 12° and 18°, our sparkling wines are aged... Our five Sparkling wines: Brut and Pas Dosé made from Bombino Bianco grapes, Brut Rosé made from Pinot Nero grapes. Gold from Bombino Bianco and Pinot Noir grapes